Monday, July 28, 2008

Ukrainian Angels Reunion

This year we were excited to take part in the Ukrainian Angels Reunion. They have a reunion gathering of the families that have adopted from Ukraine that have used Ukrainian Angels to help guide them through the process adopting over a weekend once a year. Since they just happened to be having it in a fairly close by town, Hershey, Pennsylvania we decided to join them. Okay, well it's about a 2 hour drive from us, however, the other years since we've been home with Andrew have been a lot further away. Each year they select a different part of the United States to have it.

It was a nice to finally meet some of the families that we have chatted with and followed (their blogs that is) as they found their Ukrainian Angels. Each family from Ukrainian Angels is such a blessing to give of themselves and share their experiences when adopting their angels in Ukraine. The wealth of information that is learned by each family sharing on the Ukrainian Angels forum totally prepares you for your journey when traveling in Ukraine.

We also met a family that had just returned in January of this year that adopted a young sibling group of 3 children all under the age of 3 years old. What cuties they are. Two, three year old twins (boy and a girl) and a two year old brother. It was interesting talking with Michelle and Bob the parents of the children to see how they have adjusted since returning from Ukraine. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting them and all the other families. It was really nice to have the same connection as to how your family came together. Not only for us as parents and what we went through before, during and after travel but also for the children. It helps the children have somewhat of a connection to their heritage as well as they get to form relationships with children that have been adopted from their birth country and have shared some of the same experiences before, during and after adoption.

After the reunion, we took the day to experience Hershey Chocolate Factory and Hershey Park. Andrew loved both the Chocolate Factory and Hershey Park. We took the tour through the chocolate factory and sat in the moving car that took you through the factory and showed you all about how they make their famous chocolate.

I asked Andrew at the end of the day what he liked best about the day and he couldn't stop talking about the singing cows from the Hershey Chocolate Factory. Between the cows and the Falcon ride at Hershey Park which took us up above the whole park and spun us around (Mommy's tummy wasn't feeling too good after that) I don't know which he liked better. Andrew wanted to do that ride again but that was enough for me. I used to be able to handle all of the different types of rides but lately it's the spin around rides that my stomach can't handle. Even at Sesame Place last year the tea cup ride got my tummy turned upside down after Robert spun us as fast as he could.

Coming off a chocolate high. Catching some ZZZZZs.

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