Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Evan was tested for Township Preschool

I took Evan today to get tested to see if he would get accepted into the free township preschool that is part of the local school here in town. I definitey want to get him into this program since they offer Speech Therapy as part of the program. Evan's speech has improved to some degree, however, there are many times we all can't understand a word he says. He understands everything that we ask him, however, when it comes to him talking and expressing himself to us it is like he is still talking in Ukrainian to us since none of us can understand most of what he says.

The teacher that evaluated Evan today, asked me if I can understand him when he talks. I told her that I can understand the basic everyday language such as anything pertaining to eating, drinking and bathroom needs. She said that Evan definitely qualifies for the preschool program and will get the Speech Therapy that he needs. I am so excited. Evan is so ready to be in preschool and it will also help him prepare for Kindergarden for the following school year.

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